Furniture Design on Pennsylvania


Deep in the lush green hills of Pennsylvania, in

the heart of one of America's most beautiful natural

forests, the legacy of Pennsylvania House  Furniture Design Ideas began. For

more than a century, Pennsylvania House has been

making furniture in Lewisburg, a town nestled in the

Susquehanna Valley among the Appalachian foothills

which border the clear waters of the Susquehanna

River. Lewisburg was located a few miles downstream

from the world's richest stands of virgin cherry.

Given the abundant supply of wood and the

means to move it on the river, it is no surprise

the Susquehanna Valley became a 19th century

logging center. From logging to lumber, it was a

natural move into furniture manufacturing. What

is today Pennsylvania furniture House design was established in

1887. From the very beginning, the craftspeople

built furniture that was clean, functional and

beautiful, using native woods to create

everything from chairs to carriages.

Today, whatever the advances in technology,

each talented craftsperson still creates

furniture with that same hands-on commitment.

Individual attention to detail continues to be

the hallmark of Pennsylvania House as it moves

into the 21st century. Three principles guide

the Company's course. First, the finest solid

woods are used. Second, for Hallmark Cherry the

styles are classic American traditional designs

with timeless appeal, inspired by the 18th

century furniture that graced the courts of

Europe. Third, the Company is committed to

uncompromising heirloom quality construction.

From modest beginnings, Pennsylvania House

has grown to become one of the best known, most

respected names in American furniture.